Sunday, December 18, 2011

Malakoff run 2008 till 2011

It has been my favourite route since 2009 , some how this year the hills seems to be getting easier. I guess is because i added trail running in my training.
2008 : A hilly road starting from kiara park. I can't recall much except Tony was pacing me a the last 1 km
2009 : First year Malakoff run starts from Bukit Kiara Equestrian which is  PCC tuesday night ride route. This is where Debbie and I lost our handphone during a car break in.
2010 : Same route but couldn't maintain my pace at the end of the race as i started too fast
2011 : Thought of doing a relax run but ended up almost 3 minutes improvement from last year time.

Toughest hilly road race
No 1 : KRI 12 KM bkt kinding resort
No 2 : UM  Run
No 3 : Malakoff  12 km route from 2009 - 2011
No 4 : Newton 12 km run

1 D1633 NOOR AMELIA MUSA MALAYSIA 0:47:43.02 0:47:44.24
2 D1626 SHEELA A/P SAMIVELLU MALAYSIA 0:48:27.01 0:48:28.24
3 D2023 TAN LI LIAN MALAYSIA 0:55:38.10 0:55:39.99
4 D1642 JESSICA TANG MEI LEE MALAYSIA 0:56:40.27 0:56:45.00
5 D1723 LOOI MEI YAN MALAYSIA 0:57:13.03 0:57:17.74

Photo courtesy of Chan WK

 Alamak, i can't remember where is this place
 Rustam,Mich Looi, Jessica Tang, Lesley aka evil, Amelia Misa, Sheela
"aH MA , ngo tak joh"

 Chris, Lesley, Bee , (I forgotten your name), Me
Tomato, Me, Gilbert and Andrew
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Old Photos
Yap, Lee, Me , Vin, Kelvin Boy
 I'm flying

Malakoff 2008
 Malakoff 2009

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