Sunday, December 4, 2011

TMBT , my first ultramarathon

Never thought I will attempt an ultramarathon. If 25 km distance were there when I registered, I would have signed up for that first. So this means I accidentally became an ultramarathoner. :P
For me TMBT 50 km feels like 70 km on the road, and I would tell you it is tougher than doing an ironman.  The last hour of the run, I just can’t wait to sit down. It is as if you ask me to stand for 7 hours a day. I miss the chair. I do wish my run turn into MTB during the last hour. At least I can still sit down when I cycle .
Overall the experience was great. It is well organize , ample of water at the check point, good support and a very clean village, weather is forgiving that day , no hot sun or heavy rain. 
My Signature Photo with Paul Lee
My favourite part:
The jungle at CP3 and CP3a, this is where I feel alive. I love to run along single track trail with a slight technical difficult downhill that will keep me awake .
My most boring part
From CP4 till CP5.Too repetitive with the many slopes that look a like.
Wish List next year
More jungle trail 

Most exciting moment
Of course to cross the finishing line but other than that i'm extremely happy to meet a  friend after CP3a. Muahhahahah.. Thanks Ben Swee for your company until CP4 ++ . I hope he did not said it wasn't me.. That will be quite scary as i know i hallucinating around CP4. I saw legs which turn out to be logs and i saw a guy which i start talking to him in cantonese as i thought it is Terence Phoon . Wah..Luckily i did not attempt 100km . I think i will start hugging the trees thinking it is Raymond Ng aka tomato

Total time taken: 8 hours 39 minutes and 44 second
Starting line to CP1 : 1:10:06
CP1 to CP2 : 1:39:19
CP2 to CP3 : 1:04:33
CP3 to CP4: 3:09:00
CP4 to CP5 :1:39:44

I'm now officially an ultramarathoner . Ah MA ngoh tak joh La...!!!
  The morning before the race
 Me and my tomato sos at the starting line

 Walking with Swedish couple (expat in HK) . They are attempting 100k
At CP1

 Walking stick does help to climb, unfortunately made in china walking stick is too short. I borrow it from tang soi fong
 Cooling myself at the river, Thanks to ben swee for the photo
Our supporter (The villagers) before cp4
 They offer me a sip of beer..
 Some Dam i think
 Makan makan after the race

The Results


  1. Congratulations for your achievement! Hope I could run a ultra marathon soon :D

  2. can do it already but you just need a bit of trail running exposure.

  3. Thanks for sharing - loved the post and the pics! I would have loved to see one of you hugging a tree and calling it 'Tomato, so happy to see you!'... :D