Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gender Equality in Sports

The value placed on women’s sport is often lower, resulting in inadequate resources and unequal wages and prizes.

I always feel unhappy whenever I found out there is unequal prizes for women or veteran category. Whether there is lesser women participation, organizer should not reduce the prize money. We women work as hard as men and run the same distance as the men’s  category .

Take for example SAS Eco Challenge ( Pulau Tioman).
Both Female and male pay the same entry fees; run the same route and distance. But the prize money :

Then came a charity race yesterday
Obviously I did not expect to receive any prizes from charity run BUT if you intend to give, you need to give it fair and square for both gender regardless of age. No excuses of not enough budget or limited prizes. If prizes are limited, it is best to put it in Lucky Draw or divide it equally.

Male winners for 1st , 2nd and 3rd in (Mixed and Open category) received cash voucher from The club. The women and Veteran received nothing. 

Dear Michelle,

I've communicated with Ms. XX XXX from The EdXX and she informed that the prizes were sponsored by companies.

Since the prizes were limited, the organiser selected only a few categories for winning runners.

There's no intention to discriminate anyone with the prizes.

By the way, congratulation to all the winners! :)

Thank you

Best Regards,


  1. Disappointing. This issue needs to be brought up to the masses. The explanation they gave you is ridiculous. :\

  2. I felt Berat sebelah and discrimination lah.. Maybe is the wrong word to use :(

  3. It's shocking!

    Is this a gender & age discrimination Rat Race the corporate world wishes to be famous for?

    Here comes crazytomatoman spreading the juice!

  4. ahhh...its not so easy in the corporate world for women as well. from the way i see it, either they learn from this or they go on with another year where men get prizes. obviously, this predicament would have started tongues wagging on the inequality but as EdXX (very discreet i can see) made it clear it was from sponsors. However, they failed to address the correct issue by stating that there is no inequality. that is why it did not do a CRM or fail in any guidelines in crisis management.
    i would have expected them to apologise for this situation. After all if they have 3 prizes, they could have given the first runner of each category the prize. rather than all 3 prizes for 1 cat. :)

    1. Dear Unknown
      I 100% agreed with you , that they should only give it to the champion . I'm not happy that they give it to one side and fail to give it to the other side. Worst case is they only select mixed and men's open to give away the prize. Men Senior aka veteran was left out.