Monday, October 15, 2012

Perhentian Island Challenge 2012 , Gender Discrimination spotted

Photo Courtesy of Tey Eng Tiong and Mr 

Overall feed back

Pros :I love perhentian challenge 2012 trail. The trail was super well marked and I love the variety of trail. You have muddy section, very steep hill to climb , very technical down hill etc . Well done to the team that marked the trail with papers. I will come back again for the trail.
I would also love to thank the volunteers that sacrifice their weekend to provide us water , food and undefined number of times the organizer ask you to give away the food voucher to participant everyday.
Cons: However there are a lot of post Mortem need to be conducted especially on the time management and the way organizer cancel and combine category stated in the registration form. Perhaps organizer need to inform participant about the cancellation of the category in advance (at least a week) , NOT during the briefing or finishing line. IF they do not agreed with the cancellation, you should refund the entry fees to them in advance. 
Gender discrimination for prizes were spotted. Apparently a First Novice Local Girl cried at the finishing line when she was told they combined the category and prizes.

After 8 hours bus ride, I finally reached Kuala Besut 

Is a blessing in disguise they made us wear this vest to race , else i have to send my tri top to professional to remove the mud. :D
 Nasi lauk with Tey Eng Tiong at Kuala Besut .

 Arrived at Perhentian Island around 10.15 a.m

A bit fussy with the tent provided , I decided to book a Standard Room Fan at D Ayumni House

Altering my running vest at D Ayumni , Ms Lee is very helpful to provide me the tools needed

Race Day.. jeng jeng.. All the tulan(angry) face when race director announce the race will be delayed
Waiting for VIP for an hour

Trail is super well marked with this paper

We swim and run

 Oppa tomato style

Welcome drink and kiss.. :D

Finisher Medal, BTW the race is a day race only, NOT 12-14 Oct

The Gals did it. Prizes reduced to Top 3 as there are not enough participants BUT

 Elite Men and Elite Women prizes are different by 1K
Sad to say:
We pay the same entry fees and run the same distance

"Due to high demand. We are now open a new category for international section which is International Novice Men and Novice Women."

Another discrimination spotted, Top 4 prizes for local men but NO Top 4 prizes for local women

One last discrimination spotted, EXTRA 3k given to only ONE fastest runner .. IT is quite Obvious which gender will win. My question is HOW can a woman compete with a man in terms of SPEED and STRENGTH ?


  1. Again gender discrimination rears its ugly head. Can't something be done to highlight this to the press?

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  3. i thought u r sick and covered with blue sleeping bag, still can write this lengthy blog......mean u had recovered

  4. So sad to read this still happens in our society and yet so rampant. Nevertheless well done Mich!

  5. Mich - who is the organiser? Historically, PIC has went through a few organisers and I have worked with one of them as marshall(Nomad Adventure) and raced one of them with Uncle Chan.

    Bubu Long Beach organised it themselves now?

  6. Grace : Actually I'm quite lazy to write blog but this time i just can't wait to tell everyone how the gals felt that night

    Kiannie : I recovered already. This is the first time I encountered food poisoning after the race.

    Yimster : Thanks , I just want other ppl outside malaysia aware about races like this

    Tri Stupe : It wasn't uncle Chan or nomad. IT was PIC adventure Sdn Bhd.

  7. Wow! Glad to see D'Ayumni House is still going strong and Ms Lee still running the place. I stayed there during PIC 2011 :) Sad to say, I didn't have a good time in PIC 2011 with my chief complaint on water station locations not communicated during the briefing and also the locations of the stations (all at the beaches). I've not been back to PIC since then.