Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kledang hill , menglembu

At last, I manage to visit Kledang Hill , after being told by my relative about this hill. I heard about this hill from aunty Jo since young. Special thanks to hasher Alvin and Eric for arranging this hiking trip on Second Day of Chinese New Year.  This famous Hill is located at Menglembu , Hala Rasi Jaya 1
 The beginning of trail , next to car park area

Runnable Trail

Step by step

 Waterfall at the beginning of the trail

Cross the river to hike RTM trail or continue on the left for a 4.9 km trail. Apparently Alvin said RTM trail is the fastest way to reach the peak

Eric , Alvin and I took the RTM trail which is 775.73 elevation gain. 

Super clean trail. I couldn't find any rubbish even at the camp site.  

Follow the RTM marker to reach the peak

The Peak. Reach here in 1 hour 25 minutes (Walking pace)

 RTM transmission station

  We walk down using tar road and continue on with another trail 

The starting of 4.9 km trail  

 GOGGLE MAP - Shared by Alvin

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  1. Thank you for your summary and pics. Going up tomorrow 12.09.15. I am Ipoh mali and haven't been up for more than 10 yrs. !0 yrs older and not much fitter. Wish me luck.