Monday, February 4, 2013

Zero to Hero , Mountain Biking Skills :Spectator Point of View

No Race, Amkan..... That's the phrase, Pacemaker Group love to use .  Friday is a Federal Territory Day and the traffic around PJ is bad.  It wasn't a great day for me, as my dear pet rainee was put to sleep . I truly hate the idea , I feel guilty and i truly miss him badly. To ease my pain I did a short workout at Bkt Gasing with dave and Tomato .  

The next day I did a short run with Ronnie, Jason Loh and Rosmi around Lake Garden 4 X 2.3km. It was a chit chat run for us and I truly enjoy it.  

On Sunday, I was suppose to run a 15km lsd but i cut it short to 13km due to slight left knee pain.  No Race sounds like no life so I decided to drive to Kepong Metropolitian Park to watch the Zero to Hero Mountain Bike Program as Tomato and Tri Stupe is joining the program. 

 Registration Counter for Zero to Hero program

No Mountain Bime ? No worries, you can arrange with Zero to Hero

 Refreshment provided

 Student learn how to approach tight corner using aligned cone

Track Stand a technique that bicycle riders can use to maintain balance while their bicycle remains stationary or moves only minimal distances

A combination of tight corner and track stand approach

 Downhill technique practice

 Steeper session of the downhill

Advance level of downhill

 The coaches will be there to catch you if you lose your balance

 A very scary drop

 End of the lesson
 I thought you are suppose to cycle up ?

As a spectator and a part time photographer, thanks to Tri Stupe for bringing his camera to the class, I would said I have doubts whether the student is able to complete the class which is a downhill section as  I did witness their level and skill in the beginning of the class . I was afraid to capture their photo as I would imagining them crashing on me. To my surprise at the end I was cheering for them when they successfully complete the task assigned. Special thanks to all the coaches for giving them the confidence they need and catch them before they fall.

Quote of the day

"Perfect Practice makes perfect " --Darcy Steinhardt

'Why push your bike downhill, when you can cycle" Tri Stupe

Videos for Zero to Hero program

Tri Stupe Vs Tomatoman performing track stand

Coach Darcy In Zero to Hero 

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