Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baguio, Philippines 2013 DAY 1

It was a planned trip since last year to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Race and vacation.

 Met up at the airport around 6. From left is Yim, Shine and Raymond

 Chin An , attempting The North Face 100km

 I think this is the first photo i took with Chin An ever since i knew him

 Our classic photo.
 Very hot day at the Clark Field airport, it took us around 3.5 hours to reach from LCCT KL. Taken before we take a jeepney to dau terminal aka Mabalacat Bus Terminal. The jeepney to dau cost around 60 peso
 At Mabalakat bus terminal

 Food and snacks here is very expensive (A tin of nescafe cost me RM 3.20). I would recommend that you go to Jolibee fast food chain which is next to the bus terminal to buy drinks and snacks. Jolibee Coffee float is highly recommended.

 5 peso for comfort room aka toilet. (Around RM 0.35). Fortunately toilet is super clean

 Look out for the victory liner bus to Baguio

 Bus tiket to Baguio is around 306 peso ( Around RM 24)

 Dried, flat clark Field

 Coconut milk shake

 Some modern taxi

Water pump

 Election coming soon

 Main public transport in Baguio City, Philippines --> The Jeepney
Minimum charges is 8.50 peso

 Vending machine for tissue and sanitary pad

 Took us around 6 hours to arrive at Baguio City. It was late, we had no choice but to eat chinese food at Chow King SM mall. Black Bean Fish Rice(92 peso) and Halo halo (69 peso)

Our hotel at Forest Lodge, Camp John Hay ( 2900 peso / night)

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