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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cabochon Pendant

15 minutes to create a Cabochon pendant but took me half an hour to search for photo to frame it cause the accessories  that i choose its too antique  to frame modern photos. Finally  i decided  to cut some ang pau  packet from SFX church. Accessories  available Craftiviti.

Arena Green Bukit Jalil is ready for rent

Arena Green, Bukit Jalil partially furnished is now ready for rent.

Apartment Name: Arena Green, Bukit Jalil
Bedrooms: 3 rooms
Bathrooms: 2 bathrooms
Built Up : 878 sqft
Covered parking inside the block .Won’t get drench in the rain.
Facing Greens and Golf View
Rental :Call or whatsapp me at 0122933020

** Short term is available with different rental rate depending on the duration.

Master Bed Room
 2nd Room
 Kitchen Sink (newly installed) and a standing kitchen cabinet

Dining Table 

Washing Machine

Call Michelle at 0122933020 for more info

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Silicone RTV and Epoxy project for Chinchilla Cool Box Screw

(Do take note, if you want to order the Epoxy Screw for Chinchilla Cool Box, kindly email me at Kindly take note the price is RM 15 per set and RM 5 for delivery. You need to allow 24 hours for this screw to cure before I can deliver)

Step 1
Purchase Mold Maker RTV Silcone Rubber from Craftiviti. 
Step 2
Select a suitable size plastic container. Use the double sided tape to enforce your props / or whatever things you would like to mold. 
Step 3
Spray silicone mold release and leave it for a while or until it is dry to touch.
Step 4
Mixed Silicone RTV according to manufacture instruction. Make you use a weighing scale to do so.
Step 5
Pour as slow as possible
Step 6
Leave it for 24 hours before using it for epoxy.


Sofa makeover using crumbled paper

Qi , the rescued Chinchilla

Hi, My name is Qi
One day my owner put me in a pet carrier. I wasn’t sure where I’m going to. I was carried into a jungle. The next thing I knew I was alone and all I can see are trees, trees and trees.  Soon after that the sky open up and the rain started to pour.  I was wet, cold and hungry. It was a long night and the snail began to crawl into the pet carrier. I manage to come out from the carrier but I do not know what to do, so I stay as close as possible.
The next morning, I could hardly move. I’m sleepy and hungry and I’m longing for a dry place to take a nap. Passer by walked past me, they wasn’t sure who am I. Some thought I’m a dangerous wild rat. Nobody dare to touch me, until a man ran pass the jungle. He call his wife, immediately she told the man I am a chinchilla. They grab me and ran to their car. His wife bath me immediately with water and he wrap me with a towel. 
I was brought home and they put me inside a guinea pig cage and dried me with a hair dryer. I was offered guinea pig food, timothy hay, carrots and pellets. That’s all they have at home.  I was hungry and I started eating. I wasn’t afraid of anything.  Soon after that I felt asleep.
They start looking around for people to adopt me as they think they might not be able to take care of me. They already have guinea pigs at home.  They go online , google and talk to experience chinchilla owner about me. After few days of taking care of me. They changed their mind and I was named Qi. I’m so happy and now I have a mama and papa.

Salomon S lab Sense 3 Ultra

Seriously I would like to brag about it. Completed a trail run and road races for 5km, 10 km and even 21km.  A fantastic multi purposes shoes I would say especially when you have a trail run that organizer tell you it would be 50% road and 50% trail.  Many runners have come and ask me about the shoes, can you use this on the road? I would say yes and I have proven to achieve the same timing in transition to Salomon S Lab Sense 3 Ultra. Do take note if you want to use it on the Road as well as dry trail, get NON soft ground S Lab Sense. Suitable for Road and Trail.

 Bali Marathon 2015, 10km distance using Salomon S lab Sense 3 Ultra

 Bursa Bull Charge , 5km distance using Salomon S lab Sense 3 Ultra

 Kuching Half Marathon 2015 using Salomon S lab Sense 3 Ultra

Seremban 2015, 10km distance using Salomon S lab Sense 3 Ultra 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Salomon S-Lab Adv Skin3 12 Hydration Pack-White Blue Line Racing Red

 Front view

Back View

Adjustable straps according to your anatomy

Hydrapak Soft Flask 500ml

You don't even have to take out this Hydrapak Soft Flask to drink or refill. Just Squeeze out the extra air and drink it hands free.

 With the correct size it does not bounce at all

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What to look for when purchasing Hydration Bag ?

Product Info available at :
Available at and

What to look for when you purchase a hydration bag for Trail Running ?
Priority 1 :  Size
Male and Female have different anatomy. Note to consider, female have shorter torso than male. If there is a chance get female specific hydration bag or Salomon S-Lab Series hydration bag that have range of sizes.

Priority 2 : Capacity
Short or long distance trail run ? The amount of mandatory items for the race. Any water station ? Number of water station for the race.  What I like about this S-Lab Hydration bag is the compartment  to put a soft flask for front access. Why ? In slightly longer race, refueling water is unavoidable, being able to refuel quick save a lot of time and energy. And the best thing is you don't have to re-adjust your Hydration Pack fitting.

Priority 3 : Hydration Pack Material
I've seen a lot of trail runner used Thick Back Cushion Hydration bag that is meant for Mountain Biking for trail running. Thick Back Cushion are meant to protect Mountain Biker back in case of fall. Of course extra protection means that we have to sacrifices on the weight. It gets pretty hot when you use it for trail running. Most of the time Thick Back Cushion Hydration Bag doesn't hug to your body and it bounce.  Consider Soft or stretchable material that can adapt to your differences of each Human Anatomy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Salomon S-Lab Speed - Black

Model that replace Salomon Fell Cross 3. Is call S-LAB Speed. Check out the center part (the arch) of the out sole. With little stud there, it helps when the arch of your feet step on slippery roots. That's the feature that most trail runners and hiker is looking for.
With little stud there, it helps when the arch of your feet step on slippery roots. That's the feature that most trail runners and hiker is looking for. 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Blog will be revived

Ever since facebook came into my life, I lost the desire to write blog or post anything in the blog.  I used to write blog to improve my writing skills and improve the way I describe things. After few years of gaps, I do realize I miss all the important dates that I could document in my blog. For those who constantly checking my blog I’m really sorry. As today, I’ll promise my blog will be revived

Friday, May 22, 2015

Where can I get Salomon products in Malaysia ?

 1) Any World of Sports or World of Outdoor outlet :
2) Salomon Boutique at 5th Floor of  Pavilion :
3) Racing the Planet as shipping from Hong Kong to Malaysia is still affordable :

Salomon Boutique in 5th Floor Pavilion KL

Do you know there is a Salomon Boutique in 5th Floor Pavilion KL ?

 Salomon Boutique at 5th Floor Pavilion

 Lifestyle and Hiking Section

 Latest S Lab series of women top and running skirt

Friendly Store assistant , Shamsul

Salomon X-Scream 3D

I was given an opportunity to test City Trail series, Salomon X-Scream 3D before it is officially launched in Malaysia. In World of Sports it came with 3 colors for men and 2 color for women. Now I would like to make a short summary about this shoes:

Type of Trail : Less muddy Smooth Trail or light trail
Example of Trail in Malaysia that is suitable : FRIM, Kota Damansara Community Forest Park, Mardi MAEPS trail or Mt KK (Kota Kinabalu) hiking.
Shoe Type : Training Shoes with adequate cushioning for comfort and protection
Heel to toe drop : Around 10 mm

X-Scream 3D Men's shoes color available at World of Sports Midvalley
X-Scream 3D Women's shoes with slightly wider Toe-Box

 Contagrip provides good traction and grip when its wet

Quick Lace system for ease of wearing

Suitable for non technical trail or I should call it smooth trail
(Photo Courtesy of Dino)

 X-Scream 3D tested in FRIM
 (Photo Courtesy of Dino)

Review by Raymond Ng