Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Qi , the rescued Chinchilla

Hi, My name is Qi
One day my owner put me in a pet carrier. I wasn’t sure where I’m going to. I was carried into a jungle. The next thing I knew I was alone and all I can see are trees, trees and trees.  Soon after that the sky open up and the rain started to pour.  I was wet, cold and hungry. It was a long night and the snail began to crawl into the pet carrier. I manage to come out from the carrier but I do not know what to do, so I stay as close as possible.
The next morning, I could hardly move. I’m sleepy and hungry and I’m longing for a dry place to take a nap. Passer by walked past me, they wasn’t sure who am I. Some thought I’m a dangerous wild rat. Nobody dare to touch me, until a man ran pass the jungle. He call his wife, immediately she told the man I am a chinchilla. They grab me and ran to their car. His wife bath me immediately with water and he wrap me with a towel. 
I was brought home and they put me inside a guinea pig cage and dried me with a hair dryer. I was offered guinea pig food, timothy hay, carrots and pellets. That’s all they have at home.  I was hungry and I started eating. I wasn’t afraid of anything.  Soon after that I felt asleep.
They start looking around for people to adopt me as they think they might not be able to take care of me. They already have guinea pigs at home.  They go online , google and talk to experience chinchilla owner about me. After few days of taking care of me. They changed their mind and I was named Qi. I’m so happy and now I have a mama and papa.

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