Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Silicone RTV and Epoxy project for Chinchilla Cool Box Screw

(Do take note, if you want to order the Epoxy Screw for Chinchilla Cool Box, kindly email me at Kindly take note the price is RM 15 per set and RM 5 for delivery. You need to allow 24 hours for this screw to cure before I can deliver)

Step 1
Purchase Mold Maker RTV Silcone Rubber from Craftiviti. 
Step 2
Select a suitable size plastic container. Use the double sided tape to enforce your props / or whatever things you would like to mold. 
Step 3
Spray silicone mold release and leave it for a while or until it is dry to touch.
Step 4
Mixed Silicone RTV according to manufacture instruction. Make you use a weighing scale to do so.
Step 5
Pour as slow as possible
Step 6
Leave it for 24 hours before using it for epoxy.


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