Thursday, September 3, 2015

What to look for when purchasing Hydration Bag ?

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What to look for when you purchase a hydration bag for Trail Running ?
Priority 1 :  Size
Male and Female have different anatomy. Note to consider, female have shorter torso than male. If there is a chance get female specific hydration bag or Salomon S-Lab Series hydration bag that have range of sizes.

Priority 2 : Capacity
Short or long distance trail run ? The amount of mandatory items for the race. Any water station ? Number of water station for the race.  What I like about this S-Lab Hydration bag is the compartment  to put a soft flask for front access. Why ? In slightly longer race, refueling water is unavoidable, being able to refuel quick save a lot of time and energy. And the best thing is you don't have to re-adjust your Hydration Pack fitting.

Priority 3 : Hydration Pack Material
I've seen a lot of trail runner used Thick Back Cushion Hydration bag that is meant for Mountain Biking for trail running. Thick Back Cushion are meant to protect Mountain Biker back in case of fall. Of course extra protection means that we have to sacrifices on the weight. It gets pretty hot when you use it for trail running. Most of the time Thick Back Cushion Hydration Bag doesn't hug to your body and it bounce.  Consider Soft or stretchable material that can adapt to your differences of each Human Anatomy.

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